Spanish Lessons

One on One Spanish lessons tailored to your needs and interests.
If you are a beginner you will learn Spanish conversationally in a fun and easy way.
Intermediate student? Brush up your spanish and get rid of common mistakes and confusions.
Your Spanish is advanced but you want to maintain and expand your abilities? You can do it!
If you are planing to sit for DELE exam (Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera, Instituto Cervantes) or any other exam, I have many years of experience preparing students for examinations.

How to get started?
Step 1 – Install Skype Service (FREE)
Step 2 – Contact me! – Skype user: spanishnculture
Step 3 – Schedule a Lesson (1st lesson FREE)
Step 4 – Meet me at Skype
Step 5 – Enjoy your Lesson!


My name is Soledad, i am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been teaching Spanish since 2002 in Argentina to people from all over the world. I have a University Degree in Literature (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and in Journalism (Universidad Católica Argentina), a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from International House World Organization and I have participated in various workshops and courses to enhance my Spanish teaching skills. I love teaching, literature, movies, getting to know people from all over the world and learning about other countries’ culture and traditions. I am passionate about my country and culture and I am keen on sharing this with other people.

For further information writte to

This are some comments regarding my lessons:

“The month I spent with Soledad as my Spanish language tutor was immeasurably rewarding. Each day, she offered well-prepared lessons customized to fit my interests and skill level. Our sessions went far beyond the typical components of vocabulary and grammar. Soledad applied language lessons to various aspects of Argentina culture. Working with Soledad greatly enhanced my understanding of and appreciation for the Argentine way of life. She made my trip so memorable!”  Kathryn Himes, Alexandria, Virginia, US


12 Respuestas a “Spanish Lessons

  1. Lorraine

    I had classes with Sole whilst in Buenos Aires. As well as improving my grammar/vocabulary, Sole gave me many phrases to use in day-to-day situations which made me more confident speaking! I would definitely want to do more classes with Sole if I was back in Buenos Aires!

  2. Astrid Schmedes, Dinamarca

    Soledad was my spanish teacher from August to December 2011 in Buenos Aires. I believe she is one of the reasons making my stay in B.A. one of the best experiences in my life. She is a very friendly, open and warm person and was fantastic in teaching us. We did a lot of different exercises everyday, trained speaking and writing intensively. And we talked a lot about the Argentine culture, of cause in Spanish. She was always patience and very motivating. I learned so much during those three months. And we had a lot of fun in the class! The best way of learning.

  3. Tim Huntington

    Sol’s classes are fun and really focused on what I want and need to learn. I always come away from a class with a much clearer understanding of the grammar, lots of new vocabulary and phrases and more able to express myself naturally and fluently. I highly recommend her classes!

  4. Anne, Dinamarca

    In 2011 Sole was my Spanish teacher for four months. My classes were a very good mix of conversation, grammar and a bit of home work. My purpose with the classes was to improve my level of Spanish in order to use it in corporate life later on. Sole was always well-prepared and we had many good conversations and talked about anything from cultural differences to politics and travel. I learned many different expressions and improved my grammar.

    I was very happy with my classes and best of all – Sole is super friendly:)

  5. I have studied Spanish with Sole via Skype for 1,5 years now and I have also met her during my trips to Buenos Aires. Sole is an extremely helpful and friendly person. She is also an excellent teacher and masters teaching online really well. I have recommended her to all my friends who are interested in learning Spanish online and will continue my studies with her also in the future.

  6. Quiero contar sobre mi buena experiencia reciente y bastante prolongada (más de dos años) con las clases con Soledad.
    Soledad es una profesora excelente y profesional, entusiasmada por su trabajo, tiene un método de estudio muy comodo y detallado, corregido para los objetivos puestos y las posibilidades del alumno respectivamente. Sus clases eran siempre interesantes, vivas y profundas.
    Durante mi aprendizaje conocí mucho más sobre las tradiciones culturales y las costumbres de Argentina. En nuestras clases dedicábamos mucho tiempo al lenguaje hablado discutiendo temas diferentes como el cine español y argentino, los libros, la musica, la cosina de los paises hispanohablantes, etc. Soledad prestaba atención no sólo corrigiendo mis errores gramaticales sino también quería amenizar mi lengua hablada. Con paciencia explicaba algunas cosas, a primera vista muy simples, varias veces hasta que las comprendera. Si encontraba algunas dudas o dificultades en la respuesta, en la clase que viene siempre me daba una explicación completa.
    En mi viaje a Argentina en el año 2010 me ayudó muchísimo en el plazo corto ampliar mi vocabulario y me dío una información útil y necesaria para aprovechar el tiempo lo mejor posible.

  7. alessia

    Dopo circa 3 anni a Buenos Aires ho incontrato Soledad. Io avevo bisogno di capire alcune regole fondamentali ad un livello piuttosto avanzato, e cercando di raffinare il linguaggio e la capacita¿ di esprimermi, cosi¿ come avrei potuto fare in italiano. Soledad mi ha aiutato incredibilmente nella realizzazione di questo obiettivo che per me aveva , ed ha, un¡importanza particolare dal momento che ne ho bisogno anche nell¿ambito professionale. Lei ha saputo spiegarmi e condurmi all¡utilizzo della lingua con professionalita¡ e precisione. Non solo e¿ un?ottima insegnante, ma e¿ anche una professionista seria e concreta. Con le sue lezioni, adesso mi sento effettivamente sicura quando mi trovo in un contesto ispanoparlante, in grado di distinguere accenti e consuetudini linguistiche che lei mi ha fatto notare. Le lezioni di Soledad sono di altissimo livello.

  8. Chris, New Zealand

    I studied Spanish with Sole via Skype while preparing for a trip to Argentina in 2011 and she was also kind enough to show us around her neighbourhood of BA during my trip. I really enjoyed the classes and as well as improving my grammar, they gave me much more confidence to be able to use my Spanish during the trip, which really enhanced my holiday in Argentina. Sole is an extremely helpful, enthusiastic and friendly person and always very patient in correcting my many mistakes.

  9. Sarah Dossett

    When I first started learning Spanish I never thought I was going to understand it, let alone speak it! Sole however has a lot of patience and explains everything very clearly and gives you lots of opportunities to practice. Lessons are structured and very enjoyable.

  10. Liz Jones

    I took classes with Sole for about a month while living in Buenos Aires. She has honestly been the best teacher I have ever had. My spanish improved greatly with her, and she met all of my needs. She also speaks perfect English, which helped me out a lot if I wasn’t understanding a concept. Speaking with Sole was always very easy. She’s so friendly and just all around an awesome teacher. I would highly recommend her.

  11. Tom Tardelius

    I had Sol as my Spanish teacher for three months last year, and it was a pleasure all the way through. She gave very well prepared classes, and that without being too strict and boring as some (language-) teachers sometimes tend to be! She took a personal interest in her students learning processes and cultural backgrounds, and was very eager to introduce her own country if you came with questions. I would absolutely recommend her!

  12. Jenny Strong

    Every time we visit Buenos Aires (three times now) we have spanish lessons with Sole because she is an excellent teacher. She is good at reinforcing the phrases and vocabulary that we need to rent the flat, go shopping and meet other Argentinian friends. Her lessons are well prepared and the grammar constructions are explained clearly. Sole is always punctual for the lessons and is friendly and interested in our visits and activities in Buenos Aires. She is also understanding when we forget some of the spanish phrases between our visits!


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